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Hydroxyprrpyl methylcellulose or HPMC which is available in powder form is used as one of the key ingredients for producing hypromellose(inn). It is an inactive and semi synthetic polymer that possesses good elasticity level and viscosity level. As part of its multipurpose usage, it is utilized as a suitable lubricant for eye care medications, as an inert substance that acts as the medium for medicine and controlled delivery element that has wide applications in medicines meant for oral administration purpose . It is also used to produce a number of commercial items. What is more, it plays the role of thickening, emulsification and suspending factor. Apart from that, it is considered as a good substitute of food grade additive based animal gelatin.

Standard grade high polymer cellulose with natural content has been used to formulate Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose which is basically a type of cellulose ether with non-ionic composition. Its production method involves a number of chemical processing procedures. This white powder based item is free from unpleasant smell and it is sans of any taste. Known for its toxin free formulation, the HPMC is highly soluble in cold water and it takes the form of translucent and dense solution after dissolving in cold water. It is preferred for its high solubility level, good binding properties, unique thickening capacity, required film forming ability, high absorption capacity, good gelling quality, praiseworthy surface characteristics, high emulsification attributes and protective colloid characteristics. Moreover, it can balance the chemical properties of its water based solution.

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is versatile by nature. The offered HPMC is usually used in different industries that include ceramics, construction material, chemicals, coating and agriculture.

Application Performance

1. Water Solubility: It can dissolve easily in water irrespective of its quantity and its thickening properties are based on the viscosity level. The prepared solution has no effect on its ph level.

2. Solubility in Organic Solvent: It is dispersible in specific organic water based solutions or organic solvents that include alcohol and ethylidene chloride to name a few.

3. Heat Gelling: It shows opposite reaction when heat is applied on its fluid based solution under a particular temperature, though its rate of gel formation can be managed.

4. Non-ion Electric Charge: Due to its non ion based cellulose ether content, HPMC does not react with ions of metal or does not produce precipitation  that cannot be dissolved.

5. Thickening: The water based mixture of HPMC contributes to its thickening properties that determine its density and viscosity levels.

6. Water Holding: The solution of HPMC or its original form is capable of absorbing and preserving moisture.

7. Film Forming: HPMC is used to develop elastic film with tough as well as even surface that ensures about its oil repellant quality and oxidation protection capacity.

8. Anti-enzyme: The solution and the original form of HPMC are effective in inhibiting enzyme and these guarantee about their fix viscosity level.

9. PH Stability: The chemical properties of HPMC remain unaffected even when exposed to alkali, PH3-1 and acid.

10. Surface Tension: Its solution based form safeguards gels and acts as a good emulsification agent in order to promote surface functioning.

11. Inertness to Metabolism: It is utilized as food and pharmaceutical grade additive. Though it has no nutritional elements, yet it does not affect metabolic function and it does not produce heat in human body.

12. Dispersiveness: HPMC is capable of lowering interface tension rate in order to accelerate dispersion process to attain required granule size.

13. Coherence: It acts as a suitable adhesive agent for production of paper and as pigment. Its presence can also be noticed in cohesive auxiliary substances and coating items.

14. Lubricity: Due to its good lubrication properties, it is used for producing asbestos, rubber, ceramics and cement for lowering friction rate and to boost pumping characteristics of construction materials like cement and slurry.

15. Suspension Assistance: It inhibits granular substances to transform into solid form.

16. Emulsification: Due to its ability to lower surface tension rate, it is capable of maintaining stable properties of emulsion process.

17. Protection of Gels: It helps to create a safe layer on the surface of dissolved drop to inhibit agglomeration of the drop so that the physical and chemical properties of gels remain intact. 

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