MHEC Powder

MHEC Powder

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M.H.E.C is known for its multipurpose usage. It serves as adhesive, water retention agent and film forming agent for various construction materials.
The non surface grade of M.H.E.C is required for different types of mortars that are used for dry mixing equipment. It contributes to adhesiveness and higher water retention capacity to construction materials. Moreover, it helps to raise the performance of various building materials that are enriched with gypsum and cement.
The M.H.E.C helps to maintain proper moisture rate to improve effectiveness of building materials. To prevent formation of cake or chunk, we advise to utilize its dry form prior to adding water in it as it tends to disperse at a fast rate.

The normal quantity of M.H.E.C is 0.4-0.6% and this amount will be as per the standard of mortars.


  • Electronic industry
  • Coating industry
  • Paint industry